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If you have recently decided that you need help overcoming your addiction to drugs and alcohol, you’ve probably spent some time researching drug rehab centers. The decision to get help is not an easy one, but it definitely isn’t the hardest part of overcoming a drug addiction. If you want to positively change your life and make new, long-lasting habits, you will probably need the assistance of an addiction recovery center.

Not all addiction treatment centers will give you the same level of care, but at Addiction in Recovery, our substance abuse treatment facility located in Coral Gables, Florida, seeing you take back control of your life is our priority. That is why we focus on you with each of the treatments in program.

Putting You at the Center of Treatment

Each addiction is different, so the recovery process will look different for each individual. At Addiction in Recovery, we focus on creating a process that puts the client in the center of the decisions and programs. We take time to look at what each client’s unique needs or goals are and then we create a process that helps them get there.

For clients that choose to come to our drug rehab facility for addiction recovery, they are also given a community and support system that will help them along the difficult recovery path. Because we put a unique focus on openness and honesty, our addiction treatment center encourages all clients to talk about their addictions and their feelings.

Addiction in Recovery focuses on creating a comfortable environment where clients can feel safe enough to express their desires, weaknesses, and goals. In getting everything out in the open and addressed, clients can leave the addiction treatment facility feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – leading to lasting recovery.

Creating a Unique Addiction Recovery Program

Addiction recovery is a singular process. For that reason, each recovery program is tailored to the individual client. However, each client will still need to go through the same three basic phases.

The first phase of rehabilitation, which begins as soon as the client enters the drug detox clinic, is known as detox. The length of the detox phase will depend on the individual, what type of drug is in their system, and how much of that drug is in their system. During the detox, professionals will oversee the process to ensure it is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

The detox process allows clients to begin the next phase with a clean slate. After detoxing, clients will move on to the therapy phase of recovery. The kinds of therapy used will depend on the individual and what recovery goals they are working toward. Most commonly, therapy will be done both in a one-on-one setting and in group meetings.

Therapy allows clients and clinic staffers to understand what led the individual to develop an addiction. By unearthing the underlying reason, clients are able to recognize that there may also be a mental health aspect that led to poor decision making and behaviors. Therapy allows clients to treat that mental health component of addiction.

Therapy will continue throughout the client’s entire stay at the addiction recovery facility. Once they feel like they are ready to return to the real world, an aftercare program will be created. Aftercare helps clients stay on track for recovery even after they leave the facility.

Like the other phases of rehabilitation, aftercare needs will be determined by the needs of the client. Standard forms of aftercare may include temporary living that allows clients to ease into their old lives, continued one-on-one therapy sessions for further mental health treatment, or group meetings that foster strong support and community.

If you have decided that you need help overcoming an addiction, reach out to Addiction in Recovery in Coral Gables, Florida for assistance.