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First, before you are admitted to one of our drug detox clinics for withdrawal symptoms, you will need to admit to yourself and others that you have a problem you can’t overcome on your own. Then, after denial has been eradicated, you will be ready to enter our center for detox. While you undergoing withdrawal, caring professionals will be watching over you to ensure that your detox is as safe, comfortable, and efficient as it can be.

After you have gotten rid of your physical dependence on drugs or alcohol, you will transition into the long-term portion of recovery. During individual therapy sessions, you will create a comprehensive and individualized addiction treatment program that will meet all your unique needs and satisfy your specialized circumstances.

You will be screened for dual diagnosis mental health treatment to chisel down to the root causes of your addiction and treat your mental health. During group sessions, you will have the support and guidance of others in the program while you share stories and advice on how to stay sober and avoid triggers long-term.

When you go to leave our facility, you will need the proper aftercare in place to give you the support and guidance necessary to ensure that you can keep sober for years to come. Whatever you need will be implemented and planned accordingly. Even once you leave, Addiction in Recovery will be here for you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How long does recovery last?
It depends on the person, the addiction, the length of use, and other factors, but usually recovery lasts from around one to three months, sometimes longer for extreme cases. However long it takes, it is important to emphasize that the length of treatment is not as important as you deliberately and carefully working towards sobriety every day.
2Will I have to participate in group therapy?
Yes. Although each treatment program is unique, it is a part of every program that each client attends group meetings to share with others, hear their stories, and exchange meaningful and valuable advice on the topics of coping, avoiding triggers, dealing with cravings, and staying sober long-term.
3Is withdrawal unpleasant?
It certainly can be. We wouldn’t lie to you and say that it is not. The key detail is that you are carefully supervised and cared for while you are going through this process. With the proper support and guidance, you’ll be able to get through detox symptoms, however unpleasant, in a safe, controlled, comfortable, and efficient environment.
4What is Dual Diagnosis?
Dual diagnosis is when someone is suffering with both an addiction and an additional mental health disorder. This is nearly half of all addictions and is completely natural. To successfully treat substance abuse, we need to treat the whole person, not just the withdrawal symptoms. Your overall mental health needs to be taken into consideration to fully take care of your addiction. Only once both are simultaneously addressed and being cared for can you fully overcome your problems and live a full and happy life.

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